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General Programme

Amakhala Volunteers

General Programme

As a Hands-on Volunteer at Amakhala, your primary responsibility is managing the lions, with the rest of the day filled with tasks and duties based around Amakhala. You may also have the chance to assist with many ongoing short and long term projects on the reserve. A list below provides the details of various projects both on going and experienced by past volunteers.

Long term projects:
• Game Counts
• Animal Tracking using telemetry
• Territorial ranges and feeding range monitoring
• Lion health and breeding monitoring
• Giraffe movement and breeding monitoring
• Local community sustainability
• Assisting vulnerable children and aids orphans
• Birds in Reserves Project

General Reserve duties:
• Erosion control
• Fence patrol and maintenance
• Herbarium development
• Alien plant control
• Bush clean and clear up
• Road maintenance
• Boma maintenance

Short term projects:
• Game capture, counts and monitoring
• Medicinal use of plants and vegetation biomes
• Guided walks, tracking and trails through the reserve
• Nocturnal predator monitoring

Pipeline projects:
• Wetland restoration

Future projects for 2009:
• To continue all current running projects to their full effect
• Start providing basic pre-school education at the Isipho Centre
• Start getting involved in active sport games at Isipho to aid children’s health and fitness
• Relocation and renovation of the Isipho vegetable plot
• Bi-annual neutering of stray dogs and cats in and around the Amakhala townships

Fun activities:
• Bush camping
• Navigation and Compass Orientation
• Xhosa Bush Tour
• Target shooting
• Updating project information on the computer
• Canoeing
• Boating
• Fishing
• 5-Star Lodge Experience
• Dissections
• Darting and relocations
• Game drives
• Volunteer diary for our website

Did you know?
Reserve duties at any one time may change, which means
no week at Amakhala is the same
Amakhala Volunteers